Competition AND EVENTS calendar

2023-2024 Season

Find out information about where we will be competing over the season.  All eligible swimmers are sent invitations to enter via email.  Invites can also be seen under "Events" from the SCM dashboard.  If you have any queries, please discuss with your coach or contact our open meets team using the contact form.

Updated 28th April 2024

DateEventLevel and courseInvited squadsPurpose
27-28/04/2024South East RegionalsLevel 1 LCJunior Dev / Youth / Age
03-06/05/2024South East Regionals
Level 1 LCYouth / Age / National
Winchester Grand Prix #4
Level 4 SCBronze / Silver / Gold / Junior Dev / Para
Introduction to competitive racing on all 4 strokes with skill and technique
18-19/05/2024South East RegionalsLevel 1 LCYouth / Age

18/05/2024Junior Arena LeagueRound 1 SCBronze / Silver / Gold / Junior Dev / AgeTeaming
07/06/2024Winchester Primary Schools GalaSC
Community / inclusive
09/06/2024Winchester Super Summer SprintsLevel 3 LCBronze / Silver / Gold / Junior Dev / Intermediate Dev / Junior / Age / Youth
Inclusive as possible, shorter races, as many LOCAL entrants as possible.
18/06/2024Junior Arena LeagueRound 2 SCBronze / Silver / Gold / Junior Dev / AgeTeaming
21/06/2024Winchester Inclusive GalaSC
Community / inclusive
13/07/2024Junior Arena LeagueRound 3 SCBronze / Silver / Gold / Junior Dev / Age
20-21/07/2024Winchester Summer ScorcherLevel 3 LCBronze / Silver / Gold / Junior Dev / Intermediate Dev / Junior / Age / Youth
End of long course cycle racing
27-28/07/2024British NationalsLevel 1 LCYouth / National
03-04/08/2024British NationalsLevel 1 LCYouth / National
10-11/08/2024British NationalsLevel 1 LCYouth / National
12-25/08/2024WCSC Summer Shutdown
All squads
14-15/09/2024Club ChampionshipsLevel 4 SCAll squadsInternal, inclusive. First racing opportunity of the season. Process driven.
06-08/10/2024Winchester Autumn QualiferLevel 2 LCTBCWinter Regional / National Qualifier (early cycle).
12/10/2024Arena League Round 1Level 3 SCTeam selectionTeaming
16/11/2024Fun Novice GalaSCTBCNovice Swimmers First introduction to competition.
16/11/2024Arena League Round 2Level 3 SCTeam selectionTeaming
14/12/2024Arena League Round 3Level 3 SCTeam selectionTeaming
21-22/12/2024Winchester Winter SparklerLevel 3 SCTBCEnd of short course cycle racing

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