Community Programme for accessible lessons

Helping to make swimming an integral part of our community in Winchester

As a charity, Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club has a clear vision for aquatics provision across the City and local area, so in addition to our busy schedule of lessons, training and competition, we run a number of additional programmes for the community.

Accessible swimming lessons

The charity has a target for every child in the City of Winchester to leave primary school able to swim 25m, that’s because here at WCPSC we believe swimming is a life skill, which brings wider benefits for health and wellbeing. Also because we love swimming, and want others to enjoy it too!

As well as safe and independent swimming, there are a number of much-researched and publicised wider benefits to undertaking exercise and mastering new skills, such as enhanced self-esteem and confidence, improved fitness, health and well-being, improved focus and concentration, discipline and behaviour.

Working with the charity Friends of the Family WCPSC has been able to support families who would not otherwise be able to access swimming lessons. The scheme runs within our weekly programme allows children to access lessons in an age-appropriate setting.

For more information on this scheme please contact our programme using the contact us form.