19 Jun 2023

This weekend over 50 of our swimmers took part in the popular Swim Out of Your Skins gala hosted by Havant & Waterlooville Swimming Club. There was hugely exciting racing by WCPSC Silver and above squads, with too many PBs and medals to mention. This was one of the first meets outside of Winchester that Silver squad have done, and as ever, Havant and Waterlooville provided a friendly and welcoming meet for them to attend.

Excitingly here, they ran a skins race. This is a knock out race where the top 8 from the 200IM race get to compete; the racers only get to know the stroke as they step up to the block with the last one to finish being knocked out of the next round. It is fast and furious and incredibly exhausting for the racers (and the spectators!) WCPSC had a phenomenal 4 girls and 4 boys in the skins, across the junior and senior age categories where they really showed their talent across all 4 strokes with Mason getting an incredibly 2nd prize.

What was truly fabulous to see what the comradery as the Penguins cheered each other on whether that was in a skins race or an individual race. This is what being part of this wonderful club is all about.

Huge thanks extend to the coaches (Zoe and Aiden) and Team Managers (Emma, Mark, Zazzie and Hermione) who gave up their weekend to support the swimmers.

Kind Regards,
Emma Ainsworth

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